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Funnelback 15.16.0

Release notes for Funnelback 15.16.0

Released : 7 August 2018

Supported until: 7 August 2019 (Short Term Support Version)

15.16.0 - New features

  • Funnelback licenses are now assigned per-collection rather than per-server, allowing multiple licenses to be used on a single server.
  • Long running tasks such as collection updates and search analytics processing are now submitted to a task-queue which can be customised to delay new tasks when the Funnelback server is under heavy load.
  • Introduced support for searching Slack messages via the new Slackpush collection type.
  • Introduced dedicated collection types for Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube, removing the need to create custom collections for these types.
  • Bulk CSV import/export of best bets, allowing for offline editing in a spreadsheet.

15.16.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Added management screens for crawler site profiles.
  • Added metadata selection dropdown options within faceted navigation configuration.
  • Added facet selection dropdown options within curator configuration.
  • Introduced 'listMetadata' in the search result data model, which provides pre-separated values for each metadata class based on the defined separator characters.
  • Added ability to access requestHeaders via the searchQuestion data model.
  • Improved performance of push API when using the multi-part endpoints.
  • Introduced daemon.max_heap_size, jetty.max_heap_size and jetty.max_metaspace_size global cfg options to persist memory adjustments between upgrades.
  • URL facets have been improved so that it works better in cases where the URL contained non indexable characters, the URL path contain repeated path names e.g. /foo/foo/foo as well as some fixes to case sensitivity.
  • Introduced crawler.send-http-basic-credentials-without-challenge setting (on by default) to match old crawler behavior of sending http basic credentials without an initial 401 challenge.
  • Jetty has been upgraded to 9.4.11.v20180605 and the multi-part parser has been changed to a RFC7578 compliant parser which is stricter than the previous multipart parser. The multi-part parser is faster which is especially useful for the push API.
  • Jetty now uses the conscrypt SSL library which results in jetty using more secure and faster SSL ciphers. Java clients to Funnelbacks APIs should switch to using conscrypt to take advantage of the faster encryption, otherwise your client will likely be slower than it was. The push API client which uses funnelback-api-client-core.jar can be upgraded to use conscrypt by getting a copy of $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/all/funnelback-api-client-core.jar.
  • Multiple changes have been made to the Push API to improve its performance.
  • Improved support for binary file filtering (Apache Tika upgraded to 1.18).
  • Upgraded embedded version of Java runtime, which now includes the Java Cryptography Extension. Previous versions required manual installation in some SAML use cases.
  • Analytics updates now supports multiple collections updating at the same time.
  • Analytics update pre_reporting_command and post_reporting_command is now run with the collection reporting lock held, which means while they are running another analytics job will not be able to run.
  • Fixed reading of server.cpu_count global.cfg option, as some places were using the key cpu_count which would result in the default value of auto being used.
  • Removed complexity check which prevented contextual navigation running in some cases.
  • Added ability to re-apply gscopes on local collections.

15.16.0 - Configuration Upgrade Steps

The following changes will be automatically performed on all configurations during the upgrade process. Configurations migrated from older versions after the upgrade will need to have manually run to apply these changes.

  • Users with access to the old cp.license.key permissions will be granted the new sec.license.view-usage, sec.license.can-edit-other-users-licenses, sec.license.install and sec.license.delete permissions.
  • Users with access to the relevant files in the file manager are now granted the following new permissions sec.spelling, sec.url-kill-list, sec.reporting-exclusion, sec.server-alias,

15.16.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Search request IP addresses are now pseudonymised by default - See ui.modern.pseudonymise_client_ips to disable this if needed.
  • As Funnelback now supports multiple licenses per installation some APIs are no longer possible and have been removed.
    • GET /admin-api/license/v1/usage API has been removed and replaced with GET /admin-api/license/v2/document-usage-per-license, which returns usage for all licenses the user has permission to use as well as all licenses that are used in collections the user has access to. This new API, like the old, respects sec.license.view-usage.
    • GET /admin-api/license/v1/details API has been removed and replaced with GET /admin-api/manage-licenses/v1/licenses, which returns all details for all licenses the user has permission to use.
  • The default timeout for contextual navigation has been reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second. Collections relying on the old default may need to set the timeout value.
  • Added support for Facebook Graph API version 3.1 by upgrading the RestFB library from version 1.42.0 to 2.8.0

15.16.0 - Errata

  • Facebook APIs are currently undergoing major reviews and changes which are affecting the ability of newly created Facebook application IDs to access the posts and events commonly presented in search results by Funnelback. Further updates or guidance will be issued to address these issues when Facebook makes it possible for Funnelback to do so.


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