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Funnelback 15.12.0

Release notes for Funnelback 15.12.0

Released : 10 November 2017

15.12.0 - New features

  • Overhauled faceted navigation, greatly simplifying the data-model for rendering, and simplifying implementation of many previously complex scenarios.
    • Adds support for checkbox facets with results counts.
    • Adds support for tabbed presentation, radio button facets and mixed facet category sources.
    • Introduces a new configuration interface including a preview page and troubleshooting tips.
    • Adds support for facets based on queries, numeric ranges, and collections.
    • Substantially improved performance of metadata-based facet queries.
  • Expanded the range of checks performed by Accessibility Auditor, and improved the reporting interface.
    • A new reporting overview provides summaries of changes by WCAG levels.
    • Auditing of a single document now breaks down issues by WCAG principles.
    • Introduces additional reporting summaries on each WCAG technique and success criterion.
    • Enables filtering and csv exporting of the Accessibility Auditor reports.
  • Introduced option of x.509 client certificate authentication for search interface.
  • Introduced experimental support for SAML authentication in search and administration interfaces.
  • Introduced support for gathering content from HPE Content Manager 9.1.
  • Added an all results endpoint for streaming back all results of a query, even if the set is very large.
  • A non-expiring application token is now supported by most Funnelback APIs. See API Token Authentication.
  • Introduced new auto-completion plugin.
  • Introduced an advanced update option to reapply any reconfigured gscopes a collection's live view.

15.12.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved compression of indexes when push collection replication is used.
  • Increased the number/total-size of unique terms a search index may contain, and improved handling of very frequent terms.
  • Improved efficiency of classic administration interface with large numbers of collections.
  • Allowed for a number of query-time settings to be set within a service (profile.cfg) rather than only at the collection level.
  • Introduced ui.modern.padre_response_size_limit_bytes limit on padre response size to avoid large queries consuming all query processor memory.
  • Improved jetty request logging to limit access log size, and compress on rotation.
  • Fixed handling of multiple metadata items in external metadata when facet_item_sepchars is used.
  • Worked-around web servers returning content gzipped even if it is not requested.
  • Improved efficiency/reliability of groovy script change detection.
  • Improved push collection snapshot APIs and marking of incomplete/failed snapshots.
  • Improved fidelity of queries reported in analytics by eliminating unnecessary query simplifications.
  • Imposed a limit on JVM metaspace usage to ensure it is collected regularly.
  • Fixed form interaction to remove expired cookies and use defaults for form 'action' and 'method' parameters.
  • Increased the default values for max download size and max parsing size of file to 10MB.
  • Fixed an issue where the Modern UI cached view would not process all documents filtered to XML or left as XML (detected by Content-Type) as XML with the expected XSL transformation.
  • Custom collections, Database collections and Directory collections now support filtering. To enable filtering in existing custom collections a raw bytes store must be used see Custom Collections - Cache copies don't work
  • Fixed a bug where the modern UI would return all profile configurations in the data model, rather than just the active one.
  • Gscopes are no longer referenced by bit number, instead they are given names like metadata classes. Where bit numbers are still used, they will now be interpreted as the gscope name (e.g. a gscope named '5').
  • Introduced support for auto-expansion of the number of available gscope bits.

15.12.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Faceted navigation has been improved to support in built sorting, checkbox facets, tab facet and an easier to use facet data model. To take advantage of this you may need to upgrade your facets. To do it please follow this guide.
  • The option is deprecated and will only work with legacy date facets. Built-in facet sorting can now be used instead.
  • Funnelback now includes an improved auto-completion system called Concierge. To upgrade existing collections please follow the upgrading to concierge guide.
  • Funnelback's data-api has been removed. Admin-API provides equivalent calls, however please note that endpoints and JSON envelopes have changed.
    • /admin-api/collection-info/v1/collections/collection_name/url/data replaces /data-api/v1.0/urls/info
    • /admin-api/accessibility-auditor/v1/ replaces /data-api/v1.0/wcag/
    • /admin-api/predictive-segmentation/v1/ replaces /data-api/v1.0/predictive-segmentation
  • The deprecated features text-miner, classic wca-reporter, and classic analytics have been removed from the default installation.
  • Configuration file headers (containing the full path of the file) have been removed.
  • Jetty access log filenames have changed - Any systems reading them based on their old filenames may need to be updated.
  • Jetty access logs are now rotated daily or when they reach 512MB in size and kept for either 90 days or until the total size reaches 1.5GB. See configuring embedded web server to customise this.
  • URL fill facets behaviour has been updated so that facet values will be returned for every parent folder of the currently selected folder (in addition to returning the child folders of the current path) to be consistent with other facet types where the selected categories are present in the data model. For example when drilling down to folder1/folder2/folder3/ facets values will now be returned for folder1, folder2, folder3 all with their selected flag set to true. The default <@s.Category> macro has been updated accordingly and should result in no actual change in display. If custom FreeMarker facet macros are used they will need to be updated to pay attention to the new facet values.
  • Contextual Navigation has been updated so that no "site" cluster will be returned if there's only 1 site in it. As a result response.resultPacket.contextualNavigation.categories may be empty if there are no "topics", no "types", and the "site" cluster contain only 1 site. This change is compatible with the default FreeMarker tags for Contextual Navigation, no change is required when using them. Custom FreeMarker Contextual Navigation tags may need to be updated accordingly.
  • The behaviour of search facet parameter facetScope has changed such that values set there no longer override parameters set on the URI e.g. facetScope=x%3Dfoo&x=bar results in x being set to both foo and bar rather than just foo.
  • The version of groovy included has been upgraded from 2.3.7 to 2.4.12.
    • Please note that the new version changes the precedence of cast operations - See
  • Funnelback now bundles Bootstrap version 3.3.7, update the path to resources in FTL forms from ${GlobalResourcesPrefix}thirdparty/bootstrap-3.0.0/ to ${GlobalResourcesPrefix}thirdparty/bootstrap-3.3.7/. Note that v3.0.0 will be removed from Funnelback in a future release.
  • The version of java included with Funnelback has been updated to 8u141. Please note that some insecure SSL certificates will no longer be accepted by the new version.
  • The query processor option num_ranks has changed behaviour when set to 0. When set to zero it no longer skips query processing and instead will behave the same as positive values for num_ranks except no results will be displayed.
  • The type of gscopesSet within a Result returned by the modern UI has changed from a Set of Integer to a Set of String to reflect that gscopes are accessed by name rather than by bit number.
  • Collection.cfg option gscopes.other_bit_number has been renamed to gscopes.other_gscope, Funnelback remains compatible with the old key.
  • Database and Directory collections no longer use the XML store set by store.xml.class and instead store XML documents into a raw bytes store set by store.raw-bytes.class. Records are no longer stored using the primary key and instead are stored using the same URI that is set in the <funnelback_url> element, these collections no longer require that xml.cfg map the document URL. Existing Database and Directory collections require that the collection be updated before cache copies will work.
  • Raw bytes store has been fixed such that some URLs no longer cause issues with the store, as part of this the store is no longer compatible with previous versions. Any collections using this store should have a full update run and if possible switch to using
  • The option is deprecated and will only work with existing date facets, the build facet sorting can be used instead.
  • Faceted navigation has been improved to support in built sorting, checkbox facets, tab facet and an easier to use facet data model. To take advantage of this you may need to upgrade your facets. To do it please follow this guide.
  • To upgrade auto-completion to use new concierge auto-completion plugin please follow this guide.


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