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Funnelback 9.1.0

Release notes for Funnelback 9.1.0

Released: 5th August 2010

New Features

  • Integration with an enterprise repository connector system, supporting SharePoint and Lotus Domino gathering with high performance document level security.
  • Improved query report presentation, including a dashboard and interactive charts.
  • Incremental updating of query reports and ability to view reports while updating.
  • Higher performance document filtering, multi-threaded filtering and in-crawl filtering.

Upgrade Issues

  • The "SEARCH_SERVICE" environment variable is no longer supported, having been replaced by the bureau_mode_enabled setting in global.cfg. In environments where SEARCH_SERVICE was set to BUREAU, bureau_mode_enabled should be set to true.
  • The change in default filtering frameworks noted above results in much improved filtering performance, however please be aware that:
    • Cached copies of Microsoft office documents will no longer reflect the original document formatting.
    • Microsoft Word 95 and Microsoft Word 6 documents are no longer supported.

Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Feature renaming as follows :
    • Fluster becomes Contextual Navigation.
    • Query Spike Detection becomes Pattern Analyser.
    • Featured Pages becomes Best Bets.
    • Query Expansion becomes Synonyms.
  • Ability to specify both inclusive and exclusive date constraints.
  • Activation of faceted and contextual navigation by default on filecopy collections.
  • Relocation of Jetty working directory to avoid conflict with tmpwatcher and similar.
  • Assorted improvements to document title fixing to reduce undesirable title changes.
  • Improved query reports performance on 64bit windows platforms.
  • Form tag reordering to allow s:cgi access from within form plugins.
  • Security plugin mechanism for padre, allowing custom early binding document level security.
  • Case insensitivity option for best bets and synonyms.
  • Better query handling of German umlauts and Maori macrons.
  • Improved result summaries for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
  • Fixed leaking of file-handles when updating large pattern analyser data sets.
  • Improved support for HTML base href elements within forms.
  • Support for HP TRIM license numbers.
  • Improved reporting PDF layout.
  • Fixed handling of facets containing parentheses.
  • Fixed handling of BASE HREFs in indexed documents.
  • Fixed issue with stemming when processing document at a time queries.
  • Improved customisation options for contextual navigation.
  • Corrected handling of collections with missing metamap.cfg and xml.cfg.
  • Better error reporting where primary and secondary indexes differ in format.
  • Indexing performance and scalability improvements.
  • Dynamic resizing and increased scalability of indexer memory structures.
  • Support for complex queries in spelling suggestions and contextual navigation.
  • Improved stemming algorithm catching more cases where stemming should apply.
  • Corrected reporting counts for geolocated data and queries using include or exclude scopes.


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