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Funnelback 7.0.1

Release notes for Funnelback 7.0.1

Released : 15th November, 2007


  • Resolved problems with web server binding to ports below 1024 on Unix platforms
  • Resolved problems with scheduling of collection updates under IIS
  • Installation now performs a more extensive search for any existing Java installation
  • Incorporated patch to improve PowerPoint document filtering
  • Additional warnings regarding expired license keys
  • Better error messages for users with limited permissions
  • Removal of non-functional 'extract all tables' option for database collections
  • Improved user deletion process to remove from the web server authentication configuration in addition to Funnelback's
  • Improved report charting with removal of lifetime values
  • Added support for metadata queries to rss.cgi
  • Simplified upgrade process, ensuring the step of upgrading indexes can not be skipped
  • Improvements to the upgrade process to support changing the Funnelback user
  • Better handling of invalid dates in reporting
  • Removal of the funnelback_documentation collection from the public search interface
  • Changes to ensure default (required) file rules can not be accidentally deleted
  • Fixed problem with 'Show last 100' links which could discard the first line in a file


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