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Funnelback 14.0.1

Release notes for Funnelback 14.0.1

Released : 7th October 2014

14.0.1 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Introduced better pagination for the WCAG Compliance Auditor URL listing pages.
  • Addressed a security vulnerability in a defunct Classic UI CGI script (remotepadre.cgi).
  • Addressed security vulnerabilities in Classic UI scripts cache.cgi, feedback.tcgi and showThumbnails.cgi
  • Removed tagging system from Classic UI due to several security vulnerabilities within it.
  • Restored IE8 support for time based charts within the WCAG Compliance Auditor.
  • Upgraded the bundled version of Apache ManifoldCF to the current version, 1.7.1.

14.0.1 - Upgrade Issues

  • Classic UI no longer supports the tagging feature which existed in earlier versions.


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