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Funnelback 12.2.1

Release notes for Funnelback 12.2.1

Released: 7 February 2012

12.2.1 - Upgrade Issues

  • When upgrading from version 12.2.0 on Windows, all funnelback services (named funnelback-*) must be stopped in the Windows task scheduler before starting the new installer.

12.2.1 - Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Avoid mishandling of the uninstaller file when upgrading to 12.2.0, which resulted in a missing uninstaller on Windows systems.
  • Implement a monitoring system to ensure search query processes are cleaned up if the modern UI runs out of memory during a query.
  • Generate query completion files only for live profiles to improve indexing performance on collections with large numbers of profiles.
  • Avoid a query processor crash when a short query is expanded to a long one with a synonym.
  • Fixed an erroneous log message regarding redis password generation.


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