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Description generates a database from a collection's query log files for reporting purposes. The admin UI report frontend will read this database for displaying reports. [--collection "collection internal name"]


  • The collection internal name may be specified, and should be a valid internal name for an existing collection.

Function will either:

  1. update reports for the collection specified
  2. update reports for all collections should no collection be specified

It will then read plain text or gzip compressed query and click logs for the appropriate collection(s) and store a database for reporting. It is assumed that query and click logs are located at $SEARCH_HOME/data/collection/live/queries.log, $SEARCH_HOME/data/collection/live/clicks.log and under $SEARCH_HOME/data/collection/archive/. The binary reporting database will be stored under $SEARCH_HOME/admin/reports/collection/. A log file will be written.

Once the binary reporting database has been built, reports may be viewed from the admin UI frontend.

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