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Search analytics


Funnelback produces a number of search analytics reports that provide insight into how the search is being used.

The search queries that are answered by Funnelback are logged along with the originating IP address. By default Funnelback also logs clicks on search results, faceted navigation, contextual navigation and best bets.

Search analytics reports

Five search analytics reports are generated by Funnelback:

  • Search analytics overview
  • Searches
  • Clicks
  • Location
  • Trends

See: Search analytics reports

Configuring the report generation

There are a number of options that can be set that configure the analytics reports building in Funnelback.

See: Configuring search analytics reports

Updating analytics reports

Analytics reports are updated automatically via a scheduled task, or can be run manually by a search administrator.

See: Updating search analytics

Search analytics API

Analytics data is available via the Funnelback admin API.

See: Search analytics API

Troubleshooting analytics issues

Analytics update scripts

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