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Analytics and reporting

Funnelback provides various analytics and reporting options to give you information on what people are searching for and what kind of content is being searched. It also provides various logging and diagnostic reports to help fine-tune your system. This page gives an overview of some of the analytics options available.

Administration interface reports

Funnelback's Administration interface provides core analytics features most commonly used with search services.

Query reports

View reports on queries and what people have clicked on - allows you to drill-down by date and export to various formats.

Content auditor

View reports on metadata, duplicates and other content features.

SEO auditor

Display information on how to improve the ranking of a particular document for a particular query.

Accessibility auditor

View accessibility auditor reports.

Classic admin UI reports

Data reports

View statistics on what kind of data the web crawler has found (file types, size, web servers etc.)

Log files

Log viewer

View log files generated by Funnelback - useful for fine-tuning and debugging.

Collection status

Overview of the different collections, when they were last updated, number of documents, etc.


System diagnostic

View system diagnostics (web server, webcrawler version etc.).

Download support package

Download a file containing useful information for filing support requests.

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