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Specifies the required form values in encrypted format for the in_crawl authentication.

Key: crawler.form_interaction.in_crawl.[groupId].encrypted.[urlParameterKey]
Type: ConfigPassword
Can be set in: collection.cfg


Specifies the values which need to be passed to the given form in the encrypted format We recommend using this with sensitive values ie. passwords. Similarly you can use the crawler.form_interaction.in_crawl.groupId.cleartext.urlParameterKey to specify the non-sensitive values.

You can use the collection config admin API endpoint to generate encrypted values. Crawler decrypts the values before passing them to the specified form.

Default Value

None. No in_crawl encrypted values are configured by default.


Specify the crawler to process the form in the page with the provided encrypted parameters


Should be used in conjunction with the crawler.form_interaction.in_crawl.groupId.url_pattern key. Crawler groups the in_crawl authentication configuration for a given url by matching the groupId parameter. If you need to specify the url parameters for the url then the groupId parameter in related keys should be same. Which is 1 in the above example.

⚠ Caveats

Please note: The characters = (equals) and . (period) are not permitted within the urlParameterKey.

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