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Specifies the required form values in clear text format for the in_crawl authentication.

Key: crawler.form_interaction.in_crawl.[groupId].cleartext.[urlParameterKey]
Type: String
Can be set in: collection.cfg


Specifies the values which need to be passed to the given form in the clear text format We recommend using this with non-sensitive values since the values are stored in clear text format. Similarly you can use the crawler.form_interaction.in_crawl.groupId.encrypted.urlParameterKey to specify the sensitive values ie. passwords.

Default Value

None. No in_crawl clear text values are configured by default.


To specify the clear text form values in in_crawl mode Specify the crawler to process the 1st form of the page with the provided parameters


Should be used in conjunction with the crawler.form_interaction.in_crawl.groupId.url_pattern key. Crawler groups the in_crawl authentication configuration for a given url by matching the groupId parameter. If you need to specify the url parameters for the url then the groupId parameter in related keys should be same. Which is 1 in the above example.

⚠ Caveats

Please note: The characters = (equals) and . (period) are not permitted within the urlParameterKey.

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