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The directories that contain archives of click logs to be included in producing indexes.

Key: click_data.archive_dirs
Type: List<String>
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This option allows the specification of a series of directories in which to look for click data. Click data information is kept in click log files (or query log files in older versions of Funnelback) that are usually stored in an archive directory. If click data is stored externally or it is desired that click data from different collections should be included in the current collection's index (e.g. to get click data stored against a meta-collection), it is necessary to specify which directories will be searched for click data records.

If more than one directory is specified, they must be indicated by a space or comma separated list.

Note: As spaces or commas are used to separate archive directories, spaces and commas should not appear in the paths of the directories.

Default Value

click_data.archive_dirs=$SEARCH_HOME/data/$COLLECTION_NAME/archive $SEARCH_HOME/data/$COLLECTION_NAME/live/log


click_data.archive_dirs=c:\Funnelback\data\anIntranetCollection\archive c:\Funnelback\data\anIntranetCollection\live\log 
click_data.archive_dirs=/big/search/aMetaCollection/archive /big/search/myCollection/archive /externalLocation/clicks/

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