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Default search results configuration


Funnelback provides configuration options to control the default behaviour of the search results screens.

Domain to search mappings

Funnelback can automatically redirect or map specified domain names to a particular collection and profile combination automatically.

This means that several domains (eg., can be configured to reference the Funnelback server, with each one redirecting to a different search.

The redirects apply as soon as the redirects.cfg file is saved.

e.g. When someone visits redirect this to http://FUNNELBACKSERVER/s/search.html?collection=<COLLECTION>&profile=<MYPROFILE>.

See: Configuring domain to default search mappings

Search defaults

Create server-wide configuration settings for queries received by Funnelback.

Create server-wide collection configuration defaults to specify default display and ranking settings by setting a server-wide default for the query_processor_options.

Use this to set defaults for options including:

  • Number of results to return (num_ranks)
  • Summary mode (SM) and metadata fields to return (SF)
  • Results sort mode (sort)

Collection listing

Configure the page that is returned when the Funnelback server is visited with no collection (or matching domain to default search mapping as described above.)

See: Configure the collection listing screen

Error pages

Configure error pages returned by Funnelback:

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