XSLT Processing


XML documents can be indexed for a wide variety of purposes. For example, in database collections Funnelback creates an XML document for each row from the database.

XSLT processing may be used by Funnelback in the following situations:

Database collections

Database results are displayed by serve-db-document.tcgi using an XSLT

The XSL used to process the results will be the first of the following files to be found


Please do not directly edit the db.xsl.default as changes will be overwritten when upgrading Funnelback. Instead, create either the general db.xsl, or the collection specific db.xsl file by taking a copy of the default.

Cached documents

Cached document are displayed by the cache controller using an XSLT if an XSL template exists under $SEARCH_HOME/conf/<collection>/<profile>/template.xsl

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