Search forms


Funnelback uses form templates to allow administrators to customise their search interface. It supports changes to the appearance of the search page, as well as advanced search and inclusion of metadata/XML fields in result summaries.

Editing the Default Form

To edit the default simple.ftl file for a collection:

  1. Select the collection you wish to modify in the Manage Collection section of the Administration home page
  2. In the Customise tab click on the Design Results link.
  3. This will take you to the Edit form page (shown below), which allows you to edit the form directly.


Managing forms

To access other forms or create a new one:

  1. Select the collection you wish to modify in the Select Collection section of the Administration home page
  2. Click on the Administer tab
  3. Click on the Browse Collection Configuration Files link
  4. This will take you to the file-manager page (shown below)


This shows two sections:

Files that are currently live
Files that can be edited and previewed without affecting the live files.

The "preview" files will need to be published to move into the "live" area.

From this page you can select an existing form to modify (e.g. simple.ftl), or create a new custom form file (see Create button). The search link allows you to view what the form looks like when generated, and you can also download the forms for editing on your desktop.

Search Form Templates

The simple.ftl template provides a powerful mechanism for enabling the following customisations:

  1. Inserting the value of any configuration file option, environment variable, query string parameter or general XML result element.
  2. Controlling the presentation format of search results.
  3. Putting arbitrary HTML above, below and between the variables and results.

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