Publishing changes

When changing Funnelback forms, best bets and synonyms, you may want to view the changes which have been made to confirm they are correct before making them available to search users. Funnelback supports this previewing by making all changes to these configuration files initially in a specific preview area, and providing a separate publish step to make the changes visible to users.

Once you have previewed your changes and are satisfied with them, you should publish the changes to make them available to search users. Funnelback provides a number of convenient ways to publish changed customisations.

Publishing from the administration home page

Under the customise tab of the administration home page links are provided for editing the selected collection's form, best bets, synonyms and faceted navigation. Once a change has been made, a publish link is displayed beside the appropriate link to take the existing changes and publish them (making them visible to users of the search service).


After clicking the publish link, a confirmation page like the one below will be displayed before the underlying customisation is published.


Publishing from the file manager

Changed configuration files may also be published from within the file manager by means of the 'publish' button on the right. Files which are identical to the corresponding files in the live mode are specifically marked as unchanged.


Publishing while viewing

While viewing a preview search with a modified form file, an additional publish link will be displayed as part of the mode header, which can be used to publish the form without the need to return to the admin UI.

Publishing while editing

When editing a configuration file, you may wish to immediately publish minor changes without checking them. This can be performed by clicking the "Save and publish" button rather than the "Save" button. Note that the "Save and publish" process will not display a publish confirmation page, and so it should be used with care.

For best bets and synonyms, where no individual save button is present, a 'publish' link is displayed alongside the download/export link on the right.