Creating collections

Creating a Collection

To create a collection, go to the Funnelback administration interface in your web browser. The Create Collection button in the navigation bar has a drop-down menu which allows you to select different collection types to create.

After selecting the appropriate type of collection to create, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to fill out the basic details for your new collection. The following fields are required for all collection types:

The screenshot below shows an example web collection being created:


The exact information you need to fill out will depend on the type of collection selected. In the example web collection above the administrator has configured the following:

After entering the correct information, press the 'Create' button, and your new collection will be created. Each collection has many configurable parameters. Only the bare minimum to get a viable collection are filled out when creating a collection. To exercise more fine control over your collections, see the section on Editing Collections.

If you are creating a TRIMPush collection or a file-copy collection, you may at this stage wish to set up document level security. See the page on Document Level Security for more details.

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