Administration users


Funnelback provides the ability to partition a Funnelback installation to allow individual people to manage their own collections.

Upon installation, an administrator user is created to manage all collections, and this user has the ability to create other system users and allocate security permissions (or actions) that they can perform on all, or a sub-set of the collections.

Although this may not be necessary in most installations, there may be opportunities to use this feature to:

User types

Administrator users
can create and manage collections and create or modify users of Funnelback.
Normal users
may be permitted to edit, update and/or view reports for some or all collections.

User permissions

What a user can (and can't do) is determined by the settings in their configuration files (though they would not normally be edited directly). These rules will apply in addition to the system-wide defaults.

Managing users

User list

The "System" menu in the navigation bar has a Manage users link which goes to the following page:


You can create a new user or use the "Actions" menu to:

Creating and editing users

The only mandatory field for a user is their ID (username).


Allowed collections

Check the collections you want this user to manage, or select the 'All collections' radio button to allow all collections.

User type

The user type specifies what actions the user can perform within Funnelback.

Administrator users are allowed to perform any possible action, including changing user permissions and creating new collections.

Normal users have four available roles which may be granted :

Advanced configuration users are those which have been customised by directly editing the user's configuration file. This feature allows for fine grained control over the users individual permissions.

Example User - Web Designer

For example, you might wish to create an administrator user for a web designer who will be working with the web forms for your Funnelback installation. In this case you would:

  1. From the administration home page click on the "Manage users" link
  2. Click on "Create a new user" to go to the user creation page
  3. Fill in the users details
  4. In the "Permissions" section select which collections they can access
  5. Make them a "Normal user" and then select only the "Edit search interface" role
  6. Save the user and enter a password for them
  7. Shut down your web browser and login to the Funnelback administration interface as the new user to confirm that they can only access the relevant collections and can only edit forms

A similar approach could be used to create an administrator user who could only view reports.

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