Simple Search


Most searches on Funnelback or other search engines consist of a single word or list of words e.g.

  • Application form
  • jobs
  • "gene sequencing"
  • etc. ...

which you can type into the search box and get a list of results, with the most relevant content appearing higher in the list.

Things to Note

  • In general, Funnelback will prefer documents which contain all of the query words (implicit AND)
  • Documents which are a partial match (contain some of the query words) may be displayed further down the ranking (implicit OR)
  • Searches are case-insensitive i.e. "New York" and "new york" will be treated the same. Case sensitive search can be enabled if required.
  • Words in Funnelback are any unbroken sequence of letters and/or numbers such as "Romeo", "1999" or "ENGN3410".
  • By default Funnelback will ignore very common stop words such as "the", "a" and "of" unless the query contains less than two other words. The default stop word list contains the full list of "stop words" used by default.
  • Use quote characters around your query words if you want to match the exact phrase e.g. "World Music"

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