Security Earlybinding Locks Keys Matcher Name (collection.cfg)


This option is used with early-binding security. It's the name of the security plugin library that will be used to match user keys with document lock strings, at query time.

The default matching algorithm is to check that the document lock string contains at least one of the user keys. Some repositories have more complex security models and require a specific plugin that embeds the matching logic.

Possible values are:


for TRIM collections


For NTFS fileshares collectionsThese plugins should reside in $SEARCH_HOME/lib/plugins.


  • Each component of a meta collection will use / inherit the security plugin defined in the meta collection configuration file. However, this can be overridden on a per-component basis by setting this parameter to a different value in the component's collection.cfg.

Default value



For a security plugin library with filename lib/plugins/ (Linux) or lib\plugins\libexamplePlugin.dll (Windows)

Note that the lib prefix must be removed as well as the file extension.

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