License Key


Funnelback requires a license key to run. The license key identifies:

  • An expiry date
  • The maximum number of documents indexed on a given server
  • A host name or domain on which Funnelback is licensed to run

Changing the license key

The Funnelback installer will prompt you for a license key during installation. If you subsequently need to change the license key you can click on the "Change license key" link in the "System" menu. This will load the following page:


The license key will be a 64-character string that encodes the information described above.


When a license expires, crawling and indexing will be disabled and the Administration Interface will display an alert message.

A 30-day grace period is provided to allow queries to be run against indexes -- after this time the Public Interface will display a "Search is unavailable" message.

License document count limit

A license may have a document count limit. The document count is the number of documents Funnelback can index. This does not include killed, binary or duplicate (based on URL) documents, as these cannot be searched.

Documents in the funnelback_documentation collection are not counted towards the document count limit.

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