Flickr is a social media site focused sharing photos.

A Flickr gathering template is included as part for Funnelback's Social media collections support to allow content from Flickr to be gathered and then presented within Funnelback search results.

Please note that your usage of Funnelback to gather content from Flickr must comply with Flickr's terms of service.

Gathering template

Flickr's gathering template script requires a number of API login components. Firstly, an API key and API secret, which can be requested from (and will be listed after creation at are required.

If you wish you access Flickr content which is not publicly visible user authentication tokens must also be created, which can be created by running the following command from the command line

# Unix
java -cp '$SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/all/*' apiKey apiSecret
# Windows
java -cp %SEARCH_HOME%\lib\java\all\^* apiKey apiSecret

Each type of Flickr query requires the Flickr user or groups's ID (an nsid like 0000000@N00) of the associated page, which can be found either in the HTML source of the user/group's page or with services such as

Each query also requires a Flickr object, which can be created with one of the two following calls (depending on whether non-public content is desired as noted above):

// A Flickr connector that can access private data.
def flickr = FlickrFactory.createFlickr(apiKey, apiSecret, userAuthToken, userAuthTokenSecret);

// A Flickr connector can only access public data.
def flickr = FlickrFactory.createFlickr(apiKey, apiSecret);


new FlickrQueryGroupPhotos(flickr, groupId)

This call creates a new Flickr query object which gathers all photos for a group.

new FlickrQueryUserStream(flickr, userId)

This call creates a new Flickr query object which gathers all photos for a user.

Metadata mappings

The Flickr gathering template includes a number of Flickr-specific metadata mappings, including author, title, description and photo thumbnail URLs. See the $SEARCH_HOME/share/custom_collection_templates/ file for a complete list.


Please note that Flickr applies limits to the volume of content which can be retrieved from their APIs, and so in the case of large photo streams Funnelback may be unable to gather all historical content.

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