External Metadata Cfg




Profile specific Location: ~/conf/collection/profile/

Collection level Location

  • ~/conf/collection/


Maps URL prefixes to metadata values


The external metadata file must be a text file, one entry per line. Lines are delimited by linefeed characters (octal 012).

Each line consists of a URL prefix, followed by a list of metadata elements which apply to all URLs which start with that prefix (unless overridden by a more specific URL-prefix).

Each metadata element consists of a metadata field specifier, followed by a colon, followed by a word or a string of text in double quotes.

 (URL Prefix) (Metadata Field Name 1):"(Metadata Field 1 Value)" (Metadata Field Name 2):"(Metadata Field 2 Value)"

URL prefixes must include a full hostname. It is permissible to commence the prefix with "http://". If no protocol is specified then "http://" is assumed.

Metadata elements are separated by whitespace. Punctuation should only be present within quoted strings. eg. subject:"Publications Record" publisher:CSIRO.

Note: If multiple lines start with an identical prefix, only the first occurrence will be effective.

t: metadata will be used as the document title.


www.anu.edu.au state:ACT
www.anu.edu.au/chem/ subject:knowledge subject:science subject:chemistry
www.anu.edu.au/physics/ subject:"knowledge science physics" audience:external audience:funding
www.anu.edu.au/physics/molecular/ subject:knowledge subject:science subject:chemistry

These records have the effect that:

  1. Any page within the www.anu.edu.au site, eg. www.anu.edu.au/~jim/index or www.anu.edu.au/physics/staff.htm will be indexed with act_state,
  2. Any page within www.anu.edu.au/chem/, eg. www.anu.edu.au/chem/chem.htm or www.anu.edu.au/chem/x/y/p.pdf will be indexed with knowledge_subject, science_subject and chemistry_subject (as well as act_state).
  3. Any page within www.anu.edu.au/physics/molecular/, eg. www.anu.edu.au/physics/molecular/index.htm will inherit act_state from the first record, knowledge_subject, science_subject and chemistry_subject from the fourth and external_audience and funding_audience from the third. It will NOT inherit physics_subject from the third record because the subject metadata from the third record has been over-ridden by the subject metadata in the fourth.

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