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Tuning Search Quality


After the creation of the tuning data, Funnelback can automatically tune search ranking parameters to find the settings which best match each specific collection.

Before Tuning

Before tuning is run for a collection, ensure that the collection is fully configured. In particular, any intended metadata mappings should be applied, and the query processing mode ('document at a time' or 'term at a time') should be set before the tuning process is started.

Tuning Search Quality

From Funnelback's administration home page, once a collection is selected, the 'Tune' tab allows access to the "Tune Search Ranking" link. This link will cause Funnelback to immediately begin testing different search ranking options against the specified correct answers to find which match best. Note that once the tuning process has begun, it can be stopped by clicking the "Stop Search Ranking Tuning" link which will appear in place of the "Tune Search Ranking" one.

Please note that due to the wide range of ranking options Funnelback provides, tuning may take a long period of time, and that the tuning process will have an impact on your Funnelback server's performance while running.

The progress of the tuning process (or the results once it completes) can be viewed from the View Tuning Results page.

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