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Third party licences


Full functionality of Funnelback relies on the use of various third-party software. The purpose of this document is to list the third-party components which may be distributed with Funnelback and to provide references to the licences which permit this.

The lists below do not include standard operating system components. It is assumed that customers have their own valid licence for these.

The lists are intended to be comprehensive. What is actually installed on your system will depend upon the platform/configuration you are using, and the version of Funnelback you are running. Recent releases of Funnelback include an appropriate version of this document.

Data Licenses

Package License URL
MaxMind GeoLiteCity Database (Note: This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from OPEN DATA LICENSE:
MaxMind GeoIP Organisation Database Commercial OEM license

Java Software Licences

Package License URL
ActiveMQ Apache
Antlr BSD
Apache Axis Apache
Apache Commons (Various Libraries) Apache
Apache Geronimo Apache
Apache HttpComponents Apache
Apache Lucene Apache
Apache ManifoldCF Apache
Apache Maven Apache
Apache POI Apache
Async Http Client Apache
aspectj Eclipse Public License
Beanshell LGPL
Boilerpipe Apache
Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs MIT
Brazil Oracle
Classworlds Codehaus license
Concurrent Trees Apache
cpdetector MPL
Davisor Publishor OEM Commercial
Diff Apache
Dom4j BSD
EHCache Apache
FindBugs LGPL
Flickr4Java BSD
Flying Saucer LGPL
Freemarker BSD
gdata-java-client Apache
gedis MIT
geoip-api-java LGPL
Groovy BSD / Apache
Guava Apache
H2 Database Dual MPL/EPL
Hadoop Apache
Handy URI Templates Apache
Hibernate and JTA LGPL
iText MPL (Mozilla Public License)
ini4j Apache
Jackson Apache
jakarta-oro Apache
JavaMail API GPL with Classpath exception
javassist LGPL
JavaSysMon BSD
Jaxen Apache
jchardet MPL
JCommander Apache
jcifs LGPL
jcommon LGPL
jdom Apache
jedis MIT
JempBox BSD
Jersey GPL with Classpath exception
Jetty (Web server) Apache
JFreeChart LGPL
Joda Time Apache
jsch BSD
json JSON License
jsoup MIT
jtar Apache
jtidy W3C
junit EPL
juniversalchardet MPL
JWNL (Java WordNet Library) BSD
Liquibase Apache
log4j Apache
Project Lombok MIT
Mahout Apache
MapDB Apache
matrix-toolkits-java LGPL
metadata-extractor Apache
Metrics Apache
Mime4j Apache
mp4parser Apache
netlib-java BSD
Netty Apache
Not-Yet-Commons-SSL Apache
OpenCSV Apache
OpenCloud MIT
OpenMQ GPL with Classpath exception
pdfbox BSD
pg73jdbc3 BSD
Plexus Apache
Mail BSD
Open Cloud MIT
quartz Apache
Rome Apache
Sardine WebDAV Apache
slf4j MIT
snakeyaml Apache
sqlite-jdbc Apache version 2.0
Spring Apache
Surefire API
Surefire Booter
TagSoup Apache
TestNG Apache
Tika Apache
Tomcat Apache
treelayout New BSD
Twitter4j Apache
uncommon-maths Apache
util.concurrent Public domain
Validation API Apache
Vorsbi Apache
Wagon Provider API Apache
Xalan Apache
Xerces2 Apache
XMLBeans Apache
XML Pull Parsing Public Domain
Xml Pull Parser 3rd Edition (XPP3) Public Domain
XZ Public Domain
Zendesk Java Client Apache

Perl Software Licences

Package License URL
Algorithm::Diff GPL/Perl Artistic
Authen::Htpasswd GPL/Perl Artistic
Cache::Cache GPL/Perl Artistic
Class::Accessor GPL/Perl Artistic
Config::Properties GPL/Perl Artistic
Date::Parse GPL/Perl Artistic
DBD-SQLite GPL/Perl Artistic
DBI GPL/Perl Artistic
Digest::SHA1 GPL/Perl Artistic
Error GPL/Perl Artistic
File::Copy::Recursive GPL/Perl Artistic
File::Grep GPL/Perl Artistic
HTML::Entities GPL/Perl Artistic
HTML::Template GPL/Perl Artistic
IO::LockedFile GPL/Perl Artistic
libwww-perl GPL/Perl Artistic
Lingua::Features GPL/Perl Artistic
Lingua::Stem GPL/Perl Artistic
Read::Backwards GPL/Perl Artistic
Regexp::Common GPL/Perl Artistic
Taint::Util GPL/Perl Artistic
Text::CSV GPL/Perl Artistic
Text::Diff GPL/Perl Artistic
Tie::IxHash GPL/Perl Artistic
Time::HiRes GPL/Perl Artistic
Time::Zone (TimeDate) GPL/Perl Artistic
URI::Escape GPL/Perl Artistic
Win32::guidgen GPL/Perl Artistic
XML::NamespaceSupport GPL/Perl Artistic
XML::SAX GPL/Perl Artistic
XML::Simple GPL/Perl Artistic

Third Party Libraries used by PADRE

Package License URL
Curl MIT
CYRUS SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) CYRUS_SASL_LICENCE.txt
MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm Reference Implementation MD5_LICENCE.txt
PCRE (Perl 5 compatible regular expressions) PCRE_LICENCE.txt
zlib (compression library) ZLIB_LICENCE.txt

Windows Specific Licenses

Package License URL Files
Blat for Windows Public Domain blat-2.6.2/
GNU Utilities GNU GPL ( diff.exe, du.exe, gzip.exe, wc.exe, wget.exe, od.exe, dd.exe, cpio.exe, find.exe, sort.exe, xargs.exe
htpasswd Apache ( htpasswd.exe
info-zip Based on BSD ( infozip/ unzip.exe
libiconv (Text encoding conversion) libiconv.licence (GNU LGPL) libcharset1.dll, libiconv2.dll, libintl3.dll
LibXSLT MIT Licence ( libxslt/
Lynx GPL lynx.exe
Xpdf GNU GPL ( xpdf/

Javascript Libraries

Package License URL
dygraph MIT
download.jQuery MIT
jquery MIT
jquery.sparkline New BSD
json2 Public Domain
mootools MIT
slickgrid MIT
XML For Script LGPL

Front-End Libraries

Package License URL
Bootstrap Apache
Glyphicon Halflings CC BY 3.0

Runtime Environments

Package License URL
ActivePerl OEM Commercial
JDK (Java Development Kit)

Other bundled systems

Package License URL
PhantomJS BSD
Redis BSD (Linux) and (Windows)

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