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Metadata class

Everyday users are not expected to remember the letters assigned to the various metadata classes. Normally, these letters are automatically filled in by the appropriately customised version of the advanced search form. The metadata classes are documented here for power users and for search form designers.

Reserved Classes

The following metadata classes are reserved for internal use, and should not normally be used for other purposes.

Metadata Class Explanation
h Reserved for outgoing link target information.
i Reserved for image information (alt and src attributes).
k Reserved for anchor text referring to the document.
u Reserved for URL hostname information.
v Reserved for URL path and filename information.
K Reserved for user click information referring to the document.

Special Classes

The following metadata classes are treated specially by Funnelback. It may be appropriate to map metadata into them, but they will be treated differently internally as described below.

Metadata Class Explanation Default mappings
d Used for document date information. Date sources may be mapped in metamap.cfg or xml.cfg, and will be used when the document date is displayed and for recency related ranking.,, date, lastSaved, trim.datereg, Last Modified Date (from HTTP header)
f Used for file format information. Will be used as the original type of a file (e.g. HTML, PDF, Word Document) where this information is displayed. dc.format, funnelback.format, text/html
t Used for title information. Title sources may be mapped in metamap.cfg or xml.cfg. The first title found will be used when the document title is displayed and all title content will be up-weighted by default in ranking. title, dc.title, trim.title, h1 tags, h2 tags, h3 tags, h4 tags

Standard Classes

The following classes are available for customer use, though Funnelback provides default mappings for some as listed below.

Metadata Class Explanation Metadata fields included
* Anywhere. In any metadata field or in the page content. N/A
a Author Author, DC.Creator, DC.Author, DC.Contributor, from: (email)
b Rights DC.Rights
c Description DC.Description
e Type DC.Type
f Format DC.Format
g Relation DC.Relation
j Availability/Identifier DC.Identifier, AGLS.Availability
l Language DC.Language
m Mailto references href mailto:
n Source DC.Source
o Coverage DC.Coverage
p Publisher DC.Publisher
q Function AGLS.Function
r Recipients to: (email),AGLS.audience
s Subject/Keywords keywords, DC.Subject, subject: (in the case of email)
w - AGLS.Mandate
x - -
y - -
z - -
A - -
B - -
C - -
D - -
E - -
F - -
G - -
H - -
I - -
J - -
L - -
M - -
N - -
O - -
P - -
Q - -
R - -
S Commonly used for document security information -
T - -
U - -
V - -
W - -
X Commonly used for Geospatial information -
Y Commonly used for Geospatial information -
Z - -
0 - -
1 - -
2 - -
3 - -
4 - -
5 - -
6 - -
7 - -
8 - -
9 - -

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