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This page gives an overview of key resources for web developers who need to do advanced customisation or programmers developing applications on top of Funnelback.

Programming Options

Overview of the different search interfaces available (Classic UI including RSS and XML mode, and Modern UI including XML and JSON modes)
REST API using xml.cgi (Classic UI) or search.xml (Modern UI)
Integrate XML results from Funnelback into your application by making HTTP GET calls.
Modify the Funnelback engine workflow to call your own programs and scripts at key points in the update sequence
Funnelback Feeds
Develop your own adapters to control the content within Funnelback indexes.
Result transforms (Classic UI)
Write Perl code to transform results at query time
Query transformations (Classic UI)
Write Perl code to transform queries
XML documents
Process XML documents
Indexer Options
Command line options for modifying the indexer
Query Processor Options
Command line options for modifying the query processor
User interface hook scripts
Insert Groovy scripts in the search process (Modern UI only)

Key Programs and scripts

The core indexer and query processor
The Funnelback web crawler
Generate RSS feeds for search results
Display cached copies of gathered data

Modern UI

The main search web interface of the Modern user interface
Process raw XML results (XML search wrapper)
Process JSON results

Classic UI

The main search web interface of the Classic user interface
Process raw XML results (XML search wrapper)

Reference Documents

Configuration files
List of key configuration files
Collection.cfg parameters
Full list of all collection.cfg parameters
Data Model (Modern UI)
Data Model reference for the Modern UI
FreeMarker tags (Modern UI)
FreeMarker tag reference for the Modern UI
Geospatial search
A how-to for enabling geospatial search
General Scopes (gscopes)
Information on the 'gscopes' seach scoping system
Numerical Metadata
How to work with numeric metadata.
Search form tags (Classic UI)
Form tag reference for the Classic UI
Metadata classes
List of supported metadata classes
Query Language Help
Query language reference
Query operator
Modify queries
Query logs
Query log format
Click logs
Click log format
Funnelback Ranking Algorithms
Technical details on how Funnelback ranks documents
Character set
Details on how character sets are handled
Command line administration
An overview of various command line tools that may support integration

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