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CGI transforms


The CGI transformation mechanism allows the translation of sets of CGI parameters. CGI transformations are supported by search.cgi, xml.cgi and rss.cgi of the Classic user interface. This mechanism is also supported with the Modern UI.


CGI transformations are configured using the collection specific configuration file $SEARCH_HOME/conf/<collection>/cgi_transform.cfg. The format is:

# replace "replaced_param" with "insert_param1" and "insert_param2", with values specified
replaced_param=v => insert_param1=v1&insert_param2=v2
# remove "remove_param1" and "remove_param2" if "param" is present
param=value => -remove_param1=v1&remove_param2=v2

In the above examples, the parameters and values on the left hand side must both be present for the transformation to take effect. If a parameter is not specifed on the left or right hand side of the specified transformation, the action will apply for all CGI parameter values.

Note: A CGI transformation is collection-specific and as such does not operate on the "collection" CGI parameter.


coverage=abcnews => -scope
coverage=abcnews => profile=news&clive=abc&clive=news&scope=/news

When "coverage=abcnews" is specified in a query, all scope parameters are removed, the 'news' profile is added, the 'abc' and 'news' clive parameters are added and the scope '/news' is added.

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