Using the Experience Cloud console

You can use the Experience Cloud console to launch and activate your products, as well as invite users.

Watch this video for an overview of Experience Cloud or read the documentation for more information.

Launching your products

All of your Squiz products can be launched from the Dashboard, by clicking on the card for an active product.

Experience Cloud dashboard with active products

If a product does not say it is active, it will say Subscribe Now, in which case you will need to get your product activated by Squiz before you can use it.

Activating products

If a product says Subscribe Now, you will need to submit a request to Squiz Customer Success using the support tool to activate the product for you.

Inviting users

If you are an Admin of your Experience Cloud Instance, you will want to invite other users to access it. For now, contact Customer Success using the Support tool to get your users invited.

Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

If you are using Datastore or managing Experience Cloud, you might need to use the CLI.

Getting support

The support tool appears as an icon on the bottom right-hand side of every screen. Click on the support tool to see options for requesting support.

The support tool allows you to chat to our Customer Success team who will help you get the most out of Experience Cloud, including requesting activation for new products.

Requesting a product using the support tool

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