Release notes

Keep up-to-date with the latest features and fixes available below in the latest release notes for Experience Cloud. The release notes on this page cover the last three months of releases for the platform. You can access the full release notes for Experience Cloud through the following links:

October 2021 (week 40) release

Additional information about your Connect subscription and setup

Connect customers can now see how many full workspaces are available under their subscription, as well as a list of all full workspaces that are already configured.

September 2021 (week 38) release

New help center

Squiz is excited to launch a new help center, helping users find what they need across all of the resources available. The help center will continue to grow and be refined over the coming months.

Check it out at or from the Help menu in the Experience Cloud console.

August 2021 (week 33) release

Customer sandboxes

Squiz is excited to let all Experience Cloud customers try out products not included in their subscription using Sandbox environments! For example, if you have a subscription for Matrix and Connect, you will see these "Active" products on the dashboard. But you will also see Datastore and Funnelback listed as "Sandbox" environments.

A sandbox is a fully-featured environment with restrictions on usage and performance.

Sandboxes will be set up automatically for new Experience Cloud customers. They will be rolled out progressively for existing Experience Cloud customers.

Matrix is not currently available as a sandbox.

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