2021 release notes

October 2021 (week 40) release

Additional information about your Connect subscription and setup

Connect customers can now see how many full workspaces are available under their subscription, as well as a list of all full workspaces that are already configured.

September 2021 (week 38) release

New help center

Squiz is excited to launch a new help center, helping users find what they need across all of the resources available. The help center will continue to grow and be refined over the coming months.

Check it out at https://help.squiz.net or from the Help menu in the Experience Cloud console.

August 2021 (week 33) release

Customer sandboxes

Squiz is excited to let all Experience Cloud customers try out products not included in their subscription using Sandbox environments! For example, if you have a subscription for Matrix and Connect, you will see these "Active" products on the dashboard. But you will also see Datastore and Funnelback listed as "Sandbox" environments.

A sandbox is a fully-featured environment with restrictions on usage and performance.

Sandboxes will be set up automatically for new Experience Cloud customers. They will be rolled out progressively for existing Experience Cloud customers.

Matrix is not currently available as a sandbox.

July 2021 (week 29) release


Subscription invoices are now available in Experience Cloud to all users who are owners. Owners can also grant billing access to other users (such as admin users) from the Users page.

Subscriptions and usage page improvements

On the Subscriptions and usage page, the Matrix and Funnelback rows can now be expanded to show additional information about the instance or instances that have been set up, including the hosting region, and usage for each one.

July 2021 (week 27) release

Subscriptions and usage

The Subscriptions page has been updated with details designed to help all Experience Cloud users understand their subscriptions and usage and enable them to plan for the future.

Users can now see:

  • Details of their subscriptions, and the associated products on the new Subscriptions and usage page.

  • Their allowed usage is based on their subscription (for example, a limit of 5000 Matrix assets or 5 Connect flows). Where available, actual usage data from Squiz DXP products are also displayed. Additional details will be added over the next few months.

(Usage data is not available from dedicated and on-premises products)

Upgraded mobile navigation

The user experience (UX) for Experience Cloud accessed on mobile devices has been upgraded to align with the user interface (UI) updates delivered mainly for Experience Cloud’s desktop UX in the last release. Mobile users now have easier access to all functions and a smoother navigation experience.

June 2021 (week 25) release

Upgraded navigation

Experience Cloud’s navigation has been upgraded to support a growing application. Users can now navigate between key pages from the left-hand menu instead of through the cog icon, which has been removed from the Experience Cloud user interface (UI). The Organization settings now appear on a page instead of a dialog box as part of these changes. The new navigation is designed to be accessible and to be responsive across desktop and tablet UIs.

Mobile navigation upgrades will follow shortly.

Authentication upgrade

Many people use the same authentication password and credentials across multiple sites. If one site is breached, all of the sites using the same credentials are compromised. Experience Cloud has now implemented a feature that restricts access if your sign-in credentials are breached on another site. You will not be able to sign in until you reset your password.

Minor updates

  • The UI now provides clearer validation when the maximum number of users have been allocated the "Authorized support contact" role.

June 2021 (week 23) release

New dashboard page

This week, users signing in to Experience Cloud will see a new dashboard, designed to give Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) users visibility across the platform.

This first version of the dashboard page includes the following panels:

  • Products - Presents a list of all of your organization’s active products.

  • Activity log - Presents a log showing all key activity in Experience Cloud, such as user management activity, product activation, and changes to organization settings.

You can still access the existing resources, which are now available from the RESOURCE (question mark) drop-down menu.

Minor updates

  • The original dashboard page, which enabled you to request access to new products, is still available under Settings  Subscriptions. More updates to this page are coming soon.

May 2021 (week 21) release

Authorized support contacts

Premium support customers are entitled to enable up to 10 users to chat directly to Squiz’s customer success team through the Intercom support tool. Owners and admins can now nominate these users from the Users page in Experience Cloud.

As part of this change, owners can grant and remove ownership access from the same dialog box.

User management

Admin users are now able to invite other users to Experience Cloud.

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