Getting familiar with the UI

Squiz Experience Cloud (Experience Cloud) provides a launching point for all of your Squiz products.


The dashboard is the primary interface for Experience Cloud and is the first thing you see when logging in to Experience Cloud. From the dashboard, you can see all of the Digital Experience Platform products and experience applications offered by Squiz.

Dashboard cards

Cards in the dashboard represent products available to your organization.

If the product is activated for you, clicking on the card will take you to the sign-in page for the product. If the product is not activated, clicking on the card advises you to contact Customer Success to request the product be activated.


The dashboard also displays platform resources on the right-hand side, with links to the following resources:

  • Marketplace

  • Partner ecosystem

  • User documentation

  • Squiz education

  • MySquiz.


The toolbar across the top of the Squiz Experience Cloud indicates your organization’s name. It is where you can access settings, help, and sign out. To sign out, hover over your username and select the ‘sign out’ option.

On mobile, some of the toolbar features appear at the bottom of the screen.

Support tool

The Support tool lets you contact our Customer Success team and check in on any issues you have raised with them previously. See getting support for more information.

Organisations list

As an Admin, you may have access to multiple Experience Cloud instances. If this is the case, the first thing you will see when logging in to Experience Cloud is the Organisation list.

This page lists all of the Experience Cloud instances you have access to, and shows the following information:

  • Organization name

  • Organization ID

  • Instance name

  • Instance ID

Click the Instance name in the list to display the dashboard for the respective Experience Cloud instance. You can also use this list to get the Experience Cloud instance IDs for use in Command Line Interface (CLI) functions.

Next steps

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