Getting familiar with the UI

Squiz Experience Cloud (Experience Cloud) provides a launching point for all of your Squiz products. This section of the documentation provides an overview of the Experience Cloud user interface (UI).


The Dashboard is Experience Cloud’s landing page and is the first thing you see after successfully signing in to Experience Cloud.

This page presents the following panels:

  • Products - A list of all products and their status

    • Active: these are products with an active subscription

    • Sandbox: Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) products not included in your current subscription may be available as a sandbox. A sandbox enables you to try out the product, with some usage and performance limitations.

  • Activity log - A log of all critical activities in Experience Cloud, including user management, product activation, and changes to organization settings.

Dashboard page

Subscriptions and usage

The Subscriptions and usage page contains cards representing all subscribed Squiz DXP products and experience applications for your organization.

Each item on this page presents the following information:

  • Details of your subscribed Squiz DXP products.

  • The allowed usage for each of your subscribed products, for example, a limit of 5000 Matrix assets or 5 Connect flows. Where available, actual usage data from each Squiz DXP product is also displayed.

Subscriptions and usage page


The Billing page displays billing contact information for the organization, including the email address where invoices are sent, as well as a list of current and historic Squiz DXP invoices.

Only invoices created after May 7th, 2021 display on this page.


Learn more about the Users page in Managing users.

Organization settings

The Organization settings page allows:

To change your organization’s name, specify the new name in the Organization name field and click Apply settings.


The toolbar across the top of the Experience Cloud interface indicates your organization’s name, as well as the following drop-down menus:

  • RESOURCES (question mark icon) - Provides links to the following additional Squiz resources:

    • User documentation (the content you are now reading)

    • Marketplace

    • Partner ecosystem

    • Squiz education

    • MySquiz

  • ACCOUNT (your name) - Provides access to the following features for your Experience Cloud user account:

    • My Account - Opens a dialog box page where you can update your First name and Last name.

      • Clicking Save saves your name changes, while clicking Reset restores these names to their current settings.

      • Click the X icon to close this dialog box page.

    • Sign out - Immediately signs you out of Experience Cloud, and returns you to the sign-in page.

On mobile devices, some of the toolbar features appear at the bottom of the page.

Support tool

The Support tool lets you contact Squiz’s customer success team and check in on any issues you have raised with them previously. Learn more in Getting support.

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