Edify overview

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Squiz Edify (Edify) is a modern, seamless student experience platform for use on campus, at home or abroad.

Edify has two core components:

  • The student platform designed to support the day-to-day needs of each student, and

  • The administration interface, where key university staff can manage the experience offered to students through the student platform.

This documentation covers how to use the administration interface to create a student experience that supports your students' and university’s needs.

Getting started

A high-level overview of Edify’s administration interface, introducing the key features used in the initial set-up of your student platform, and in its ongoing use.

Customising content

The Custom content page enables university staff to add additional custom pages to the student platform, which by default, starts with a home page accessible through the Dashboard tab.

Managing notifications

The Notifications page is used to send custom notifications to targeted groups of students on the student platform.

Theming Edify

The Theme settings page enables you to set up the theme for Edify’s student platform, as well as the Edify Admin interface, to match your university’s branding.

General settings

The General settings page enables you to customize basic details for Edify and its student platform.