Edify glossary

The Squiz Edify glossary provides definitions for features and terms used in the context of the Edify product and its ecosystem.



A notification refers to any message that the student receives through the notifications feature on the student’s dashboard.

Notifications can be sent by an Edify administrator, the student information system


Learning management system

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that manages and delivers educational courses, as well as training, and learning and development programs.

An LMS, which integrates with Edify, is typically installed within educational institutions, or organizations with training or learning and development programs. Staff within these organisations use the LMS to administer, track and assess, as well as generate reports on the courses and programs which are managed and delivered by teachers to their students.


Edify administrator

An Edify administrator (or administrator in the context of Edify) is a type of user whose account has access to Edify’s administrative features.

An administrator is typically a teacher, such as an instructor or professor, or another staff member whose job involves administering Edify.

Edify student

An Edify student (or student in the context of Edify) is the type of user account utilised by all students who have been registered through the student information system and have access to Edify.

Student information system

A student information system (SIS) is a management information system for educational institutions to managed their student data.

An SIS, which integrates with Edify, typically provides an educational institution with the following capabilities:

  • Registering students into their courses or programs,

  • Generating grade, assessment results and transcript documents, as well as

  • Generating student schedules, monitoring student attendance and participation, and managing other student data.