Getting started with Edify

A high-level overview of Edify’s administration interface, introducing the key features used in the initial set-up of your student platform, and in its ongoing use.

Setting up your Edify student platform

There are a number of key steps that must be taken to prepare for the roll out of your new student platform.

Many of these steps can be done from within the administration (admin) interface (which can be performed by an Edify administrator), while other steps must be done in conjunction between your IT department and Squiz. All of these steps are listed here for your reference, with links to more detailed instructions for the steps you can carry out through the admin interface.

Note that while these two sets of steps can be done concurrently, Squiz recommends that you provide the required credentials and environments as early as possible in the roll-out process so that integration work can begin immediately.

  • Set up integrations between Edify and both your student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS). Squiz will get these up and running for you after the correct access has been granted.

  • Define a custom domain for your student platform. Your IT department will need to set this up and provide this to Squiz. Squiz can then deploy your student platform to this custom domain.

  • Set up federated authentication (enabling students to sign in with their usual student credentials). This is done in collaboration between your IT department and Squiz.

  • Personalize Edify’s interface with your institution’s custom branding, including logos, colors and a banner image.

  • Build/create new pages of custom content, which you can make available throughout Edify.

Keeping your student platform engaging and useful

After rolling out the student platform, the content that students see on their dashboard is updated in real time through your integrated SIS and LMS systems. Students also receive notifications for assignments, and other critical updates.

In addition, you can actively engage with your students from the admin interface, by:

  • Sending or scheduling custom notifications to targeted groups of students, or

  • Keeping your custom content up to date and add new pages as needed.

Learn more about what an Edify administrator can do with Edify in Customising content on the student platform.

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