Customising content on the student platform

The Custom content page enables university staff to add additional custom pages to the student platform, which by default, starts with a home page accessible through the Dashboard tab.

Each custom page appears as an additional tab below the dashboard tab in the student platform.

Accessing an managing custom content

To access the custom content feature, understand custom page statuses, change the order of pages, and perform initial actions on pages:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to Edify and that the Edify Admin interface is open.

  2. Click the Custom content tab in the navigation panel (or the Custom content tile) to access the Custom content page. The Custom content page shows a list of custom pages currently set up on your student platform, although for new Edify instances, only the default Dashboard page is listed. Each page has one of the following statuses:

    • PUBLISHED - the page is live on the student platform.

    • DRAFT - on its own, this status indicates that the page is in "draft mode", and is not yet live on the student platform. If this status appears next to the PUBLISHED status, then an existing "draft" version of the live version of the page (currently shown on the student platform), is available. A page may only have a single draft version.

  3. To change the order of custom pages in the navigation panel, use the drag icon to the left side of the relevant page and drop it to its new location in the list. Dragging and dropping a page to its new location happens immediately on the student platform.

  4. The following actions can be performed on an existing custom page, which you can access through the …​ icon to the right of the relevant page:

    • Create draft - Select this option to create and edit a draft version of content from the live version of the page on the student platform, and set this version’s status to DRAFT. This action is available for pages with a status of PUBLISHED only.

      You cannot create a draft of the default Dashboard page, since this page provides special functionality to students through the student platform.
    • Edit draft - Select this option to edit the existing draft version of the page in the content editor. This action is available for pages with a status of DRAFT.

    • Edit name - Select this option to update the name of the page (Page name) and its URL path (Path name). If the page’s status is PUBLISHED, then these updates appear immediately on the student platform.

    • Unpublish - Select this option to remove the page from the student platform and set the page’s status to DRAFT (if a draft version does not already exist). This action is available for pages with a status of PUBLISHED.

    • Publish (for DRAFT only pages) / Publish draft (for pages with a status of DRAFT and PUBLISHED) - Select this option to publish the draft version of your page as the live version on the student platform. After performing this action, any existing draft version is removed.

    • Delete - Select this option to delete all versions of a page - both its draft and live on the student platform.

      Deleted pages cannot be restored.

Adding a new custom page

To add a new custom page that a student can access from the navigation pane of the student platform:

  1. Access the custom content feature.

  2. Click the Add page button to begin creating a new custom page.

  3. In the New page dialog box, enter its:

    • Page name - the name of the page that appears in the navigation pane of the student platform.

      The page name that appears at the top of the page itself is initially derived from this field value. This top page name can be edited in the content editor.
    • Path name - this is the initial path value which follows your Edify instance’s base URL.

      This value is initially derived from the Page name value, and all invalid URL characters for path names (i.e. spaces, and invalid symbols like ?, # and ^) are automatically converted to hyphens -.
      It is not possible to create nested path patterns using forward slashes /.
  4. Click Add page and your new custom page appears in the content editor.

Using the content editor

The content editor is a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that enables Edify administrators to easily create new web pages for their students to access within the student platform.

A standard content editing toolbar allows you to edit your content in the WYSIWYG editor, so that you can see how your page will appear on the student platform as you update the page’s content. Typical features include:

  • Choosing font styles

  • Applying font formatting (bold, italics, blockquote)

  • Inserting/editing links

  • Aligning and spacing text on the page

  • Inserting bulleted and/or numbered lists

  • Indenting text

  • Inserting and manipulating tables

  • Inserting horizontal line rules

  • Inserting/editing images

  • Inserting/editing media, such as Internet videos (e.g. YouTube URLs). This feature should support most Internet media supported by your web browser.

Once you have completed editing your draft page, click one of the following buttons to return to the Custom content page:

  • Save draft - saves your current changes as a draft without making them live.

  • Publish - saves your current changes and updates the live page on the student platform with these changes.

  • Discard draft (only available when editing a draft of an already published page) - discards your current changes as well as the existing draft version of the page.

    If you edited an existing draft version of this page via the Edit draft option, take caution using this button as doing so will delete the entire draft.
  • < (back button) - discards your current changes to the existing draft version (and keeps the original draft version).

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