Accept or ignore invitations to other organizations

When you are invited to another organization by an Admin or Owner, DXP Console notifies you by sending an email informing you of a pending invitation. You also see messages on the Dashboard and Organizations pages inviting you to accept or ignore an invitation.

Each organization invitation is managed through a separate email or message in the DXP Console UI.

Accept an invitation

Depending on how many organizations you are invited to, you will see one or more invitations appear on the Organizations or Dashboard pages.

To accept an invitation to another organization:

  1. Open the link sent to you in the DXP Console email and sign-in if necessary.

  2. On the Organizations or Dashboard page, select Accept for each invitation.

  3. Click the link that appears in the confirmation message to visit the new organization.

You now have access to multiple organizations through the Organizations list toolbar menu and the Organizations list.

What happens if I ignore an invitation?

If you select Ignore, the opportunity to accept the invitation to that organization is hidden in the DXP Console. Admin and Owner members of that organization can Re-invite users to an organization so that pending invitations become visible again.