About the DXP Console UI

The DXP Console user interface (UI) lets you access different Squiz DXP products and features for your organization. This section of the documentation provides an overview of the DXP Console user interface (UI) with links to further information in other sections in this product documentation.


The Dashboard is DXP Console’s landing page and is the first thing you see after successfully signing in to DXP Console.

If you have access to multiple DXP Console organization instances, the Organizations list page first opens instead of the Dashboard page.
Dashboard page

This page presents the following panels:


A list of all products and their subscription status.


Products with this status are products with an active subscription. Click on the card to launch the product.


Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) products not included in your current subscription may be available as a sandbox. A sandbox enables you to try out the product, with some usage and performance limitations.

Activity log

A log of all critical activities in DXP Console, including user management, product activation, and changes to organization settings.

Any invitations to other organizations also appear on this page. Read Accept or ignore invitations to other organizations to learn more about the different ways DXP Console notifies you about pending invitations.

Subscriptions and usage

The Subscriptions and usage page contains cards representing all subscribed Squiz DXP products and experience applications for your organization.

Usage information is updated every 24-hours.
Subscriptions and usage page

Each item on this page presents the following information:

  • Details of your subscribed Squiz DXP products.

  • The subscription renewal date for your organization.

  • The allowed usage for each of your subscribed products.
    For example, a limit of 5000 Matrix assets or five Connect flows. The actual usage data from each Squiz DXP product is also displayed where available.

  • The number of instances for each product in your subscription.

  • For Connect, the following additional information:

    • The number of Full workspaces included in your subscription.

    • Whether your subscription includes integrator access.

Connect integrator access

If your organization has purchased Connect integrator access, it is shown on the Connect card.

subscriptions and usage

Only Owner and Admin roles are mapped to Owner and Admin roles in a Connect workspace. Developer, site builder, and content editor user roles are not added automatically.

If your organization has not purchased Connect integrator access, the Owner and Admin roles are mapped to Guest roles in a Connect workspace.


The Billing page displays billing contact information for the organization, including the email address where invoices are sent, as well as a list of current and historic Squiz DXP invoices.

You can access the billing page if you have Owner role permissions on your user account, or have been granted appropriate user permissions as described in Grant billing access.

Only invoices created after May 7th, 2021 appear on this page.


The Users page lets any DXP Console user view all users that are part of your organization.

Learn more about the Users page in View users who have access to your organization.

Organization settings

The Organization settings page allows all DXP Console admin or owner users to Change the organization name of their DXP Console organization.


The toolbar across the top of the DXP Console interface indicates your organization’s name, as well as the following drop-down menus:


Provides links to the following additional Squiz resources:

  • User documentation (the content you are now reading)

  • Help center

  • MySquiz.

ACCOUNT (your name)

Provides access to the following features for your DXP Console user account:

My Account

Opens a dialog box page where you can update your First name and Last name.

  • Select Save to save any changes to your personal information.

  • Select Reset to undo any changes made to your personal information.

  • Select the X icon to close the dialog box without saving.

Sign out

Immediately signs you out of DXP Console, and returns you to the sign-in page.

On mobile devices, some of the toolbar features appear at the bottom of the page.

Support tool

The Support tool lets you contact Squiz’s customer success team and check in on any issues you have raised with them previously. Learn more in Get support.

Organizations list

If you have access to multiple DXP Console organization instances, the Organization list page first opens after you sign in to DXP Console.

organizations list
  1. Use the filter to perform a keyword search across your organizations of which you are a member.

  2. Use the Show Details toggle to show the Organization ID and Client ID which may be useful for command-line activity.

If you do not use Show Details the page lists the following basic organization information:

  • Organization

  • Region.

Select the organization name or arrow forward to open the Dashboard page for that organization.

Any invitations to other organizations also appear on this page. Read Accept or ignore invitations to other organizations to learn more about the different ways DXP Console notifies you about pending invitations.

Get support

The support tool appears as an icon on the bottom right-hand side of every page. The tool lets you chat to our Customer Success team who will help you get the most out of DXP Console.

If you are an authorized support contact select the support tool icon to see options for requesting support.

Requesting a product using the support tool
You can check who can access support for your organization if you open the Users page and use the page filter to search for "Support User".