2023 release notes

This page presents all release notes from 2023.

February 2023 (week 10) release

Version 2.0 user experience

An upgraded interface is now available, which delivers a more cohesive and user-friendly platform of Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) capabilities:

  • A redesigned Home dashboard and global navigation menu.

  • An improved Toolbar that provides better access to all capabilities wherever you are in the Squiz DXP.

  • Options to explore additional capabilities within your subscription or as an add-on for your organization.

The new dashboards and navigation options unify all capabilities together, making it easy for users to access everything their account access permits. These improvements offer a more streamlined and efficient experience, helping users achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

January 2023 (week 5) release

Agency model

The agency model introduces a parent-child relationship between organizations. The model supports partners and complex organizational models rolling out over 2023.

This model enables user management and dashboard viewing capabilities for agencies and underlying organizations. Owners and admins can invite users into their agencies and accessible organizations.

User documentation enhancements

The supporting user documentation has been updated to match upcoming changes in the administration area.

Topics previously grouped under the Using category now appear beneath a new Administration category. Each administration category has a discrete documentation page instead of being described on the About the UI page.

The Get started section has been restructured to accommodate dashboard changes planned for an early 2023 release.