2022 release notes

This page presents all release notes for 2022.

December 2022 (week 50) release

Detailed environment and instance usage data

The Subscription page has been further enhanced from the Week 43 release.

The page now shows summarized usage and plan information without having to select a card. Select View details to show detailed information about each environment or instance.

October 2022 (week 43) release

Improved subscription information

The Subscription page now provides more information about subscription renewal dates and Datastore instances.

The frequency at which subscription usage is updated is now indicated on the page, along with the subscription renewal date.

Datastore instances for your organization now appear on the Subscription page.

September 2022 (week 38) release

New user invitation workflow

Users now have a choice whether they accept or ignore invitations to another organization through an updated invitation system.

Previously users who were added to another DXP organization were automatically granted access to organizations.

You now receive an email about a pending invitation when you are invited to another organization by an Admin or Owner. You also see messages on the Dashboard and Organizations pages inviting you to accept or ignore an invitation. If you are invited to multiple organizations, you can decide whether to accept or ignore each invitation.

Read Accept or ignore invitations to other organizations to learn more about accepting or ignoring invitations, and Re-invite users to an organization to learn how to quickly re-send an invitation.

July 2022 (week 29) release

New user roles available

A major step towards better, simpler management across the DXP is included in this release.

We have introduced three new roles, which are automatically passed into Funnelback and Connect:

  • Content editor

  • Site builder

  • Developer.

These new roles ensure each user has the correct access to each product.

Read the Other primary user roles documentation to learn what permissions these new user roles have.

Read the User role comparison reference documentation to learn how each role relates to the duties these roles perform in the Squiz DXP.

Read the About the UI documentation to learn how the new roles get mapped to organizations with Connect integrator access.

June 2022 (week 25) release

Welcome to the DXP Console

Squiz Experience Cloud is changing its name to Squiz DXP Console. Instead of signing in to Squiz Experience Cloud to access your product instances, you sign in to the Squiz Digital Experience Platform.

This initial release is a name change and user interface refresh only. The changes reflect that you now have one dashboard and sign-in to access most of our services. Expect to see additional improvements from an admin area to a hub unifying all our DXP capabilities throughout 2022.

June 2022 (week 24) release

Connect integrator access visibility

You can now see whether integrator access is included in your Connect subscription from the Subscription page.

Read the Connect Integrators guide for more information about building integration flows with Squiz Connect.

May 2022 (week 22) release

New bulk invitation feature

When sending out invitation emails, you can invite more than one admin or owner user to your Squiz DXP organization.

Use a comma-separated list of email addresses to invite each recipient to your organization separately. Users now complete their details and set a password when they accept the invitation.

Read the Get started documentation to learn more about the changed invitation flow.

Read the Invite other admin or owner users to an organization documentation to learn more about user management.

New users page experience

The Users page has a new look and filtering functionality to make it easier to search for users in your organization.

Read View user access documentation to learn more about the new Users experience.

April 2022 (week 15) release

New design for inviting users

The experience for updating users has been improved and simplified in this release.

This new experience is the first of several steps we will be taking over the next few weeks to improve user management across the Squiz DXP, including bulk invitations and new roles.

Read the updated Users page documentation for more information about user management.