Getting started

Squiz DXP Console (DXP Console) provides a launching point for all of your Squiz products.

Begin your journey here if your organization has told you to access Squiz DXP Console but you are not sure what to do next.

If you have already accepted an invite to your DXP Console organization you can go directly to About the DXP Console UI to orient yourself to the features of the DXP Console interface.

Request an invitation

To access the DXP Console you must first be invited.

To receive an invitation, contact an DXP Console owner or admin for your organization to receive an invitation to DXP Console.

If you are not sure who the owner or admins are for your organization, ask for help through the Intercom help system.

Set up your account

You will receive an email invitation when your account is ready to access.

  1. From the email, select Sign up to set up your account.

  2. In the Set up your account screen, complete your personal details and set your password according to the password policy guidelines.

  3. Once you have set your password, select Create account to open the DXP Console sign in page.

to DXP Console

You can access DXP Console at, and sign-in with your DXP Console username and password.

Your username is the email address to which the invitation was sent.

Next steps

See About the DXP Console UI for an overview of the DXP Console interface.