Subscriptions and usage

The Subscriptions and usage page contains cards representing all subscribed Squiz DXP products and experience applications for your organization. You can view usage information from this page for each product instance, which is updated every 24 hours. You can also view your subscription renewal date.

Subscriptions and usage page

Each card represents a consolidated category view for all the environments or instances in your organization:

  • An aggregated total of usage across all products grouped in the category.

  • The number of instances for each product in your subscription.

  • The contract plan size (small, medium, large) and usage allocation (daily, monthly, or yearly) for each product instance if available for your subscription.

  • Percentage breakdowns of how each product’s usage contributes to the aggregated total.

  • Whether an instance is a production (PROD) or development (DEV) instance.

    DEV instances are not counted towards the allocated entitlement but have usage limitations applied.
  • For Connect, the following additional information is available:

    • The number of Full workspaces included in your subscription.

    • Whether your subscription includes additional Connect access levels.

Select View details to show detailed information about each environment or instance.

Usage types

The way usage is represented between environments, or instances is reflected differently depending on the product.

Matrix environments and instances

The number of allocated requests consumed.

Funnelback instances

The number of allocated documents or URLs indexed.

Connect full workspaces

The number of allocated flows in use or the amount of memory used.

Datastore data services

The number of allocated data services in use or the amount of read/write requests per day.

Connect access levels

The access level of your Connect full workspace is shown in the Details section of the Workspaces overview page.

The Connect full workspaces screen with the access details section highlighted with a red rectangle

Only Owner and Admin roles are mapped to Owner and Admin roles in a Connect workspace. Developer, site builder, and content editor user roles are not added automatically.

Otherwise, the Owner and Admin roles are mapped to Guest roles in a Connect workspace.