About the administration dashboard

The administration dashboard (admin dashboard) lets you access settings and management options for your organization.

If you have access to multiple organizations, the Agencies and organizations page first opens instead of the Dashboard page.
Dashboard page

This page presents the following panels:

Manage quick links

A summary of administrative functions available to your user account.

Activity log

A log of all critical activities including user management, product activation, and changes to organization settings.

Table of Contents

Administrative functions

The following administrative functions are available from the Administration menu pane.

  • Subscriptions and usage

    Access all subscribed Squiz DXP products and experience applications for your organization.

  • Billing

    Access billing contact information and invoices for the organization.

  • Users

    View all users that are part of your organization and manage user access to your subscriptions.

  • Organization settings

    Update the name of your DXP organization.