Developer glossary

The glossary provides definitions for features and terms used in the context of the DXP platform as a whole.

Sites, site assets, and Matrix sites

In Matrix, almost everything you create is made up of assets. For example, content assets like pages or assets that make up a template for a website. This template has organized assets into different folders under site assets.

A website may consist of multiple Matrix site assets, as site assets are used to apply a URL to a set of assets. In this template, the main website (called "Site Name" by default), the "Design" site, and the "Media" site are all Site assets that apply different base URLs.

Site assets are used to organize content for different purposes. Organizing content in this way lets you store the site’s main content that content editors will work on in one place. You can then store the media library of images and files beneath another site asset. At the same time, the template and configuration files that developers mainly update are stored separately within the Design site. In this template, site assets have the globe icon beside the name.

Read Working with the asset tree, Site assets and Asset screens to learn more about using assets in Matrix.

What is a Matrix template

In Matrix, template means a set of Matrix assets that work together to provide all the configuration required to manage and render a website using Matrix.

A template can be applied to a Site and its pages so that the website can be viewed in a browser with the layout & look and feel the developer has defined. It may allow one or many page layout types, content models, and the component template that allow editors to add structured sections of content to their pages.

Matrix’s asset-based structure means that it is difficult to clearly define which assets make up a template. Usually, it is everything stored in the configuration folder, which is kept separate from the content of the website.

In the following example structure, the Configuration assets outlined in red are the template for this site.

This image shows a sample matrix site structure. The site name is Matrix example site and it has two sub-folders called  Configuration and Content.