Step 6: Test the integration

Now test the Funnelback integration on your Matrix site.

Edit REST asset URL

To test the Funnelback integration, you need to remove the query=%21null suffix from the end of the URL defined on the REST asset and in the JavaScript. Removing that suffix will enable you to test your own search criteria.

  1. Right-click on the REST asset.

  2. Go to Details.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. Edit the URL in the HTTP Request section. Remove query=%21null from the end of the URL.

  5. Remove the query=%21null from the URL in the JavaScript sample.

    Remember the HTTP Request URL and the URL in the JavaScript must match.
  6. Select Save

  1. Right-click on your site asset.

  2. Select Preview  In new window.

  3. On the landing page, select Search. You will see the search entry field. Enter apple.

  4. Select Search.

  5. The results will look something like this:

    This image shows the search results page without the unresolved images.