Add Funnelback search to your Matrix site

These instructions will guide you through adding a Funnelback search to the website created in Create a site manually.

Funnelback is a search tool. It is one of Squiz’s capability offerings that you configure and then integrate with your Matrix site.

To integrate Funnelback with your Matrix site, you need to create a search package, and identify your Matrix site as a data source. Funnelback will then crawl your site to prepare a set of data that it uses to provide search results.

These instructions are for Funnelback and Matrix on the Squiz Developer Experience Platform (DXP). They use a REST endpoint to pass data from Matrix to Funnelback and back.

Target audience

These instructions are aimed at developers and site builders with a basic knowledge of Matrix and the Matrix user interface.


To follow these instructions you will need access to a Funnelback instance on the Squiz DXP. You will also need a Matrix site to integrate with the Funnelback instance. These instructions are based on the site created in Create a site manually.

Why use a REST endpoint?

There are a few ways of integrating Funnelback into your Matrix site. Using a REST interface is a simple solution that will get you started quickly. For alternative methods of integrating Funnelback into your Matrix site, refer to Build a Funnelback search in the Funnelback documentation.

Steps to add Funnelback search to your Matrix site.

There are six steps to adding Funnelback to your Matrix site:

In Funnelback:

In Matrix:

When your search has been set up, you must create an update job to run at a regular time each week. Use the following instructions to set up your job: