Step 2: Test your Funnelback configuration

These commands take place in your Funnelback instance.

You will create a search results page and test your set up in this step.
  1. Go to the Admin Dashboard. Find your search package and select your data source.

    This image shows the DX dev test search package on the admin page

  2. Select the Results pages tab.

  3. Select + Create a results page

  4. Add a name for your results page. A results page ID will be created from the name you provide.

    This image shows the Name section of the Create a results page page. A name is entered and a Results page ID that has been generated from the name is shown in the Results page ID field.

  5. Select Continue.

  6. Select Proceed on the Select a thumbnail section.

  7. Review your entries and select Finish. You will then be taken to the Results page details screen.

  8. On the Results page details screen, find the Search section. In the search section:

    • Enter !null into the search box.

    • Select Preview to expand the drop-down menu.

    • Select Live.

    • Select the search icon This image shows the magnifying glass search icon.

      FBint live test

  9. The search results are shown on the results page.

    This image shows the test results from the live test. A list of results is shown from the site defined in the data source.

If the test does not work, go through the set up instructions again and check your configuration. Remember, your Matrix site must be published and live, and have public read access granted.

Read Publish your site for instructions about how to make your Matrix site published and live.