Step 1: Create Funnelback artifacts


To start integrating Funnelback into your Matrix site you have to create a search package and a data source. These are created in the same area of the Funnelback user interface.

Read Search packages in the Funnelback documentation to find out what a search package is and why you use it.

Create the search package

  1. Sign in to the Funnelback instance.

  2. Go to the Admin Dashboard.

    FBint admin dashboard

  3. Select + Add new search package.

  4. Enter a name for your search package. Select Continue.

    This image shows the name entered for this search package and the search package ID that is automatically generated based on the name.

    The Funnelback application will provide a search package ID based on the name.
  5. In the Data sources section, select Proceed. You will create a data source in the next step after the search package has been created. This step is only for adding an existing data source.

    FBint sp ds

  6. In the review section, check the names you have entered. Select Finish.

Create a data source

When you select Finish to complete the set up of the search package, you will be taken to the admin screen for your new search package. You can create your data source from this screen.

  1. Scroll down to the Components section.

  2. Select the Data source tab.

  3. Select Create a data source.

    This image shows the Components section of the search package admin page. It shows the 'Create a data source' button highlighted.

  4. Select Create on the pop-up window.

    This image shows a pop-up window that allows you to create or attach a data source to this search package. The cursor is on the Create button.

  5. Select the data source type. For this example, select Web.

    This image shows a list of available data source types. You can select your data source type with a radio button. This example shows 'web' type selected.

  6. Select Continue.

  7. Enter the URL that you want Funnelback to crawl. This URL must be the URL of your Matrix site.

    The Matrix site you use must be published and live, and have public read access granted. Read Publish your site for instructions about how to make your Matrix site published and live.

    To get the URL from your Matrix site:

    1. Go to your Matrix site. Make sure you are in admin mode.

    2. Expand the site.

    3. Right-click on the site asset and select URLs.

    4. Copy the site URL from the Domain section.

      This image shows the Domain URL on the Matrix site.

  8. Paste the URL into the Website URL field.

    The URL you copied will not have the protocol on it, so you must add it. Use https:// or http://, whichever your site uses.

    This image shows the URL pasted into the Website URL field in the Configuration section of the Create a data source wizard.

  9. Scroll down to the include_patterns line.

  10. Enter the URL you used for the Website URL field.

    The Website URL and the include_patterns URL must match.

  11. Leave all the other fields as defaults.

  12. Select Proceed.

  13. Review your spelling and settings on the Review page.

  14. On the Finish page, select Start full update. This will start the crawl of your site.

  15. Select Finish