Add a component set to a Matrix site

Your component set can now be added to a site asset in Matrix, making your test component available for editors on that site.

To add your component set:

  1. Open your site in Matrix.

    If you do not have a site, use the instructions in Create a site using a template to quickly create a basic site.
  2. Right click on the Site asset in your Matrix site and select Details.

    This image shows the drop-down menu that appears after you right-click on the site asset in your Matrix site. The cursor is highlighting Details.

  3. Scroll down to the Configuration section.

  4. In the Component set URLS section, add a URL based on the following format:


  5. Select Save.

Your site asset Component set URLS configuration field will look like this:

This image shows the URL added to the site aset configuration page. The URL is in the Component set URLS entry field.