Microsoft Dynamics CRM component


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM component allows Connect to work with the Microsoft Dynamics' CRM tool for customer relationship management. It connects to products in the Microsoft Dynamics/NAV family through the OData API, which uses authorization grant.


Read the Configuring ODATA APP content for information about registering and configuring an app in Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.


Fetch new and updated objects

Get objects which have recently been modified or created.

Query accounts

Query objects: Accounts

Query contacts

Query objects: Contacts

Query quotes

Query objects: Quotes


Bulk create objects

Provides a simple interface for quickly creating large amounts of objects.

Bulk update objects

Provides a simple interface for quickly updating large amounts of objects.

Bulk delete objects

Provides a simple interface for quickly deleting large amounts of objects.

Delete object by ID

Deletes a selected object.

Lookup object by field (s)

Given a set of criteria that matches exactly one record, find that matching record.

Upsert object

Creates or updates the selected object.

Version and compatibility information

This component interacts with OData version 4. It has been tested with:

Microsoft Dynamics 365
2020 release wave one enabled
Server version: 9.1.0000.18042
Client version: 1.4.831-2005.2

Known limitations

The component was not tested with the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM version. Although it was thoroughly tested with one of the recent Dynamics releases, 100% compatibility can not be guaranteed.

Further reading

Read the Microsoft Dynamics CRM documentation for additional information about this component.